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Welcome to Faith Church!

As followers of Jesus Christ, Faith Church gathers to trace out how Jesus, who came full of grace and truth, transforms us to be more like Him. Each week we offer our lives to Him in worship and joyful obedience as we desire to be a community marked by this grace and truth.

We desire to be marked by Grace that provides a warm and loving welcome knowing this is what we have received in Christ. A place where the sinner hears of forgiveness, the brokenhearted are cared for, and the weary can find a place to rest.  

We desire to be marked by Truth that points everyone to a deeper and richer life in Christ as we discover God’s way in the Bible. We desire to let the Holy Spirit plant these life giving words about Jesus into our hearts.   

We are a community in the making; our desired goal is one of grace and truth, but we recognize we are not there yet. Each day is a new opportunity to learn them both more fully. Each day is a new opportunity to practice them more faithfully.

This is what we desire and would love to have you join us as we seek the God of grace and truth together.

 ~ Pastor Brian