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KIDS HOPE USA is one caring adult mentoring an at-risk child one hour every week. When kids feel loved and valued, they are better able to learn, grow and succeed. Another important piece of KIDS HOPE USA is the prayer partner that each mentor and student pair have praying for them.

What type of child would I mentor?

You will be matched with a child you are comfortable with and who is available during the time YOU are available. If you prefer to work with older elementary-aged children, we will find an older student for you and so on.

I work during the day; I can’t be a part of the KIDS HOPE Team.

Wrong. Many employers are anxious and proud to have their employees involved in such a worthwhile cause. Some employers give their employees flexibility with their schedules for the day they mentor. Others give an extended lunch hour and others even pay their employees while they volunteer. We also need prayer partners to back each mentor and student partnership.

What if I can’t make it to school for my scheduled time during the week?

Occasional appointments, sickness, or travel happen. We try to keep them to a minimum but do have subs available if you need to be out of town (not more than 3 times a year). If you are able to reschedule a time during the week, that would be great, but not mandatory.

I haven’t been to school in years. How will I know what to do?

You will complete a training that covers everything. The training can be in a small group or you can view a video training session on your own schedule. Your child’s teacher will supply all the material and directions you need for your time. Both the KIDS HOPE director and teacher will always be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

I’m very nervous about the idea of meeting with a child I don’t know.

I would be concerned if you weren’t! You will be nervous and excited when you go to meet your student for the first time. Just remember that YOU could be the missing link in this child’s life. God has never called us to do anything we are incapable of doing with His help. He qualifies for the call and does not call the qualified!

Can I get involved in a way other than mentoring?

Absolutely! Consider joining the Kids Hope USA family as a prayer partner, a substitute mentor, or an event coordinator.

What does the event coordinator do?

The event coordinator will meet with the director periodically to help plan around 3 events a year for our students. This person will also help supervise the event itself so that the director is able to spend time with the student s/he mentors. This person does not mentor.