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Kids Hope USA Needs You!

There are many ways to get involved with Kids Hope USA, and all positions are equally integral to the program. Please read below for a brief summary of all positions needed. Links to the volunteer application and reference form alone can be found at the bottom of the page.

A Mentor
A mentor meets one-on-one with the same student for one hour each week - for the duration of the school year. A mentor develops a personal relationship with the student. The mentor can work academically with the student, but academic progress is not measured. The value of the hour is in showing up and providing a loving & constant presence in the student's life.  An application is needed for this position, as well as two references.

A Prayer Partner
For as many mentors as we have, we need the same number of prayer partners!  This is a very important support to the KHUSA program, as each mentor is in need of faithful prayer support.  The prayer partner never meets with the student, but instead prays for one hour each week for the mentor-student relationship.  The prayer partner is expected to keep in close contact with the mentor to keep informed of the relationship's progress.  An application is needed for this position, no references are needed.

Event Coordinator
The Event Coordinator will not mentor a child.  However, the EC will create events where mentors, prayer partners, and even teachers & kids can all come together and get to know one another.  This position is open to suggestions and has a large margin for creativity!

Questions? Contact Sherry at

All positions require an application. Only mentors are required to submit two references