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Faith Outreach is a mission-support program of volunteers that works both in the United States and out of the country. Faith Outreach goals include group projects to a) improve physical environments,  b) assist missionaries,  c) expose participants to a mission environment,  d) share the love of Jesus Christ.

Purpose Statement:

The purpose of Faith Outreach is to bring together those willing to serve our God to encourage faith in Jesus Christ and go out and serve as an individual and a group in Jesus's Name. 

Vision Statement:

The vision of Faith Outreach is to glorify God through helping where there is a need. Faith Outreach is putting our faith into action.

Actions Steps:

Faith, trust, prayer, and work. Sometimes these Outreach Projects look so overwhelming and God blesses them. 

Additional Comments and Insights: 

Faith Outreach gives us the opportunity and encouragement to put our faith into action. Many times we are stretched doing things we have never done before or thought we could. We are asked to step out of our comfort zone and trust God. We gain confidence and respect in our brothers and sisters in Christ, in our group, in Faith Church and then in the Christians, we meet.

Faith Christian Reformed Church support of Faith Outreach has truly blessed us and those we have served.


2020 Pella Initiative


2019 Outreach Team

Compton, CA








Outreach Team 2018

Compton, CA











Project Serve Team 2017

Compton, CA












2016 Project Serve to Compton, CA

Compton, CA Serve Team 2013

2013 Project Serve to Compton, California

2013 Projct Serve Compton, California

Compton, CA Serve Team 2011

 2011 Project Serve to Compton, California



Compton, CA Serve Team 2010


2010 Project Serve to Compton, California

Nicaragua Serve Team June 2009



2009 Project Serve Trip to Nicaragua


Nicaragua Serve Team June 2008



2008 Project Serve Trip to Nicaragua